2018 GMP E. Simion

2018 Gold Medal of Philology


Honours and Awards
The Writers' Union of Romania prize for literary criticism (awarded five times)
The Prize of the Romanian Academy (1977)
The Order of the Star of Romania in Rank of Grand Cross (2000)
The National Order of the Legion of Honour in Rank of Officer
The Order of the Southern Cross (Brazil)
The 1st degree Commander of Daneborg Order of Denmark
The Golden medal award, given by the President of the Republic of Serbia
The Order of the Republic, awarded by the President of the Republic of Moldova
Doctor Honoris Causa of numerous universities: University of Iași, Transilvania University ofBrașov, The Babeș-Bolyai University, University of Alba Iulia, University of Belgrade, MoldovaState University (Chişinău) etc.

Academic Affiliations:
The Romanian Academy (1991) 
The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (2003) 
The Academy of Moral and Political Sciences- France (2004) 
The Athenian Academy (2009) 
The  Royal Academy of Doctors (Spain)
The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2018) 
The Academia Europaea (London)


1983 – present Director of the monthly journal Critical Papers

2006 – present Director of the Journal of Literary History and Theory, published by the Institute of Literary History and Theory  “G. Călinescu”



30 volumes of literary criticism, theory and history of literature and over 3000 articles (literary reviews, essays) published in various journals from 1960 to the present day

Books (a selective list):

The Prose of Eminescu, 1964 (definitive edition 2018)

Trends in the Contemporary Literature, 1965

Eugen Lovinescu, the Redeemed Skeptic, 1971 (definitive edition 1996)

Time to Live, Time to Confess. Parisian Diary, 1977 (definitive edition 2006)

Romanian Writers of Today, I-IV (1974, 1976, 1983, 1989)

The Morning of the Poets, 1980 (definitive edition 2008)

The Return of the Author, 1981 (definitive edition 2008)

The Challenge of Rhetoric. German Diary, 1985 (definitive edition 2019)

The Death of Mercutio, 1993 (definitive edition 2012)

Conversation with Petru Dumitriu, 1994 (definitive edition 2011)

Mircea Eliade. Prose's knots and Signs, 1995 (definitive edition 2015)

The Fiction of the Personal Diary, I-III, 2001 (3rd edition 2018)

In the reargard of avant-garde. Conversations with Andrei Grigor, 2004

The Young Eugen Ionescu, 2006 (definitive edition 2009)

The genres of the Biographical, I-II, 2008 (3rd edition 2018)

The Portrait of The Writer in Love. Marin Preda, 2010

Ion Creangă: The Cruelties of a Jovial Moralist, 2011 (definitive edition 2017)

Cioran. The mythology of incompleteness, 2014

Alexandru Odobescu. An erudite and anxious romantic, loving reveries of loving reveries of a classical tendency, 2015

E. Lovinescu and His Critical Posterity, 2017


Works translated into major languages of publication:

Imagination and Meaning. The Scholarly and Literay Worlds of Mircea Eliade (The Seaburg Press, New York, 1982, co-author)

Élmények kora, vallomások kora. Párizsi napló (1983) 

Die Mitte der Welt: Aufsätze zu Mircea Eliade (Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 1984, co-author)

The Return of the Author (Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinois, SUA, 1996) 

Le Retour de l'Auteur (L'Ancrier Editeur, France, 1996)

Mircea Eliade: A Spirit of Amplitude (East European Monographs, Boulder, Distributed by Columbia Universuty Press, New York, 2001)

Mircea Eliade, romancier (Éditions Oxus, Paris, 2004)

Umoranje demon teorije (Apostrof-Rading, Belgrad, 2004)

Le Jeune Eugène Ionesco (Éditions L'Harmattan, Paris, 2013)

Cioran, une mythologie de l'inachevé (Éditions Le Soupirail, Paris, 2016)

Rumunski Egzistencijalizam (Filip Visnjic, Belgrad, 2016)

Mladi Eugen Ionesko (Novi SAD, Serbia, 2018)


Key achievements

Coordinator of the "Fundamental Works" Collection, publishing critical editions, in Pléiade format, of Romanian classics. Launched in 2000, the collection contains now, in 2018, 230 volumes of Romanian authors.

The collection also includes a Foreign Authors series. So far have been published Proust (In Search of Lost Time, in a new translation, vol. I-III), Shakespeare (complete works, vol. I-V), Kant (fundamental works) etc.

Coordinator (and co-author) of The General Dictionary of the Romanian Literature (Vol. I-VII, 7000 files). We are now preparing for publication the second edition and the first four volumes (of the eight of the second edition) have been already published.

Coordinator of The Chronology of Romanian Literary Life from 1945 to 2000 (28 volumes)


Projects in progress

One of my constant scholarly interests, in the last decades, has been the subjective literature (personal diary, memorialistic genre etc.), and 10 of my published books deal with this subject (I would mention, among others, The Fiction of the Personal Diary, I-III, The genres of biography and The Return of the Author). This is for me a scholarly project still in progress.

Another important project in progress is the annual organization, starting from 2002, of the International Seminar Penser l’Europe by the Romanian National Foundation for Science and Arts in collaboration with L’Institut de France, L’Institut Français de Relations Internationales, L’Académie Royale de langue et de littérature françaises de Belgique, L’Académie Royale de Science Economiques et Financières de l’Espagne and the Romanian Academy.


Critical References:

Marin Diaconu, Eugen Simion: A Spiritual Profile, 2015

Mihai Cimpoi, Eugen Simion: A Role Model, 2013 (second edition 2018), RCI Publishing House